Why FAB?

Wild bee on apple blossomLadybird larva feeding on an aphidHealthy apples

Functional (Agro-)Biodiversity (FAB) can deliver free ecosystem services for the farmer. Crop damage can be prevented by natural enemies of pests. Proper fruit setting is enhanced by a diverse set of pollinators. Soil conditions are improved by a rich fauna of earthworms and other little creatures under the farmer’s feet. Creating FAB by tailored and feasible methods in the orchard can help to reduce pesticide use and to lower costs in fruit production. Healthy apples without residues are the reward. Moreover, the orchard can be source and retreat for biodiversity, even for threatened species.

In our literature collection, you can find scientific publications and reports on studies exploring different methods to create and maintain FAB in the agroecosystem and their effect on biodiversity, ecosystem services and the cropping system. More practice related reports can be found at the “What’s FAB” and “Orchard alive” sections.

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