Who‘s who

One of the main goals of the EBIO-Network is to establish a European-wide network of stakeholders from research, advisory services and organizations which can share knowledge and experience and can help each other to create Functional (Agro-)Biodiversity (FAB) in the orchards. 

Group photo

The EcoOrchard team at JKI, Darmstadt Germany in November 2016

The EcoOrchard team has collected information on interested persons, organizations, research activities in order to provide European-wide, but also Country-specific contact points. This network may help to solve problems and hurdles during the process of implementation of FAB-techniques and also to collect new ideas for dissemination. If you are interested to obtain information on the contact points or if you like to contribute, we invite you to contact us via Ebionetwork@julius-kuehn.de or to register directly on “Get connected”. Here you can also indicate if you want to be a contact point for FAB-implementation. And also if you want to contribute with a particular idea or a specific knowledge here on this website.

Stakeholder workshop at Avignon, November 2017

EcoOrchard workshop together with stakeholders at INRA, Avignon in November 2017